Best Understable Distance Drivers – Our Top Picks

Best Understable Distance Drivers

Thus far, we’ve discussed overstable and stable distance drivers, so you had to know it was only a matter of time before we got into understable drivers as well. The time has finally come to share with you our picks for the best understable distance drivers!

Understable distance drivers have a higher degree of turn, allowing them to turn over slightly in the initial phase of the flight path. This generally gives the driver an extended flight duration and thus, more distance.

Understable distance drivers are a great option for both advanced and beginner players. Advance players like the extra sense of control over the disc, allowing them to carve pathways up the course that an overstable or stable driver might now allow. Beginner players favor understable drivers for the distance boost provided by the understable flight path.

So, we’re all dying to know, what are the best understable distance drivers in disc golf. Here are our top five of the best understable disc golf distance drivers:

  1. Innova Tern 
  2. Discraft Avenger SS 
  3. Axiom Excite
  4. Innova Roadrunner 
  5. Innova Valkyrie 

If you’ve only heard of some of these understable distance drivers before but now you want to know more, we hope you keep reading. We’ll talk about each distance driver in much more detail. This way, you can pick the understable driver that’s right for you. 

1. Innova Tern 

About the Innova Tern

Coming in at number one is the Tern by Innova. This is a great distance driver for intermediate level players looking for a disc they can thrown a nice long anhyzer or hyzer flip shot with. The 6 glide on this disc really sets it apart, and with a speed of 12, you don’t need to give it much to get great distance.

The Champion version of this driver feels great in the hand and at 2.3 cm, the rim is just under max width. It’s very comfortable and has a nice smooth release.

Beginners will find this disc to be more on the stable side if they don’t have the arm speed for a speed 12 disc, while more advanced players may overpower this disc. At that point, you may need to upgrade to the Axiom Excite, or an Innova Katana.

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2. Discraft Avenger SS 

About the Discraft Avenger SS

Second on our list, the Avenger SS from Discraft is the next step up from their original Avenger distance driver. The SS in this avenger model stands for “super straight,” which rings true given the stable to understable flight path of the SS.

Similar to #1 on this list, the Avenger SS shines in the hands of intermediate to advanced level players. Though, with a lower speed rating, beginners will find this disc more accessible than the Tern, just with slightly less glide and more turn out of the hand.

The Avenger SS is a great choice for both distance and fairway drives and is a solid option to have in your bag.

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3. Axiom Excite

About the Axiom Excite

Here we have the Axiom Excite filling in the number 3 spot on our list. With a speed rating of 14, this disc can take a lot of torque, so if have the arm for it, this is the understable disc for you.

For intermediate to advanced level players with high arm speed, the Axiom Excite his that sweet spot of stability and turn over giving it a great S curve flight path. The disc also has a nice dome on top which gives it a very nice amount of glide.

If you’re looking for an understable disc capable of handling higher arm speeds, look no further than the Axiom Excite. This is the disc for you.

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4. Innova Roadrunner 

About the Innova Roadrunner

Intermediate level players will love the understable Roadrunner by Innova. Coming in at #4 on this list, the Roadrunner is a slower speed, quite accessible understable driver, which gives newer players to the game a great option for hitting longer shots by utilizing the heavy turn and high glide of this disc.

Another great feature of the Roadrunner is the low fade rating. After the initial turn, this disc will glide straight for quite a while before easing back into a minimal fade.

The Roadrunner is not quite as quick as our other two picks, but the high turn rating makes this disc a little trickier than some for beginners. More advanced players should look to the Roadrunner as an option for a roller disc.

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5. Innova Valkyrie 

About the Innova Valkyrie

Another Innova understable distance disc golf driver we think is noteworthy is the Valkyrie. This one has quite a beloved reputation, having achieved a record for distance that couldn’t be bested for over 10 years. 

The Valkyrie is a very accessible driver. With a low arm speed rating, decent glide, and not too much turn or fade, the flight style of this disc makes it a great choice for beginners to the game.

You can do rollovers and turnovers with the Valkyrie with ease if you’re a seasoned disc golfer, but beginners will like the distances this disc will fly above anything else.

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Best Understable Distance Driver for Beginners

The best understable distance driver for beginners is without a doubt the Valkyrie by Innova. It’s a solid option with moderate ratings all across the board which makes the Valkyrie a very accessible entry disc for those less familiar with throwing understable drivers.

If you find you’ve begun to outgrow the Valkyrie, the next option up would be the Avenger SS by Discraft, followed by the Tern by Innova once your able to throw a 12 speed.

Best Understable Distance Driver for High Arm Speed 

The best understable distance driver for high arm speed is the Excite by Axiom. This disc will turn over nicely and hold an anhyzer line without flipping into the dirt on you. I’ve you’ve been throwing a Tern, and consistently overpowering the disc, it may be time to upgrade to the excite.

Do I Need An Understable Driver With A High Speed Rating?

The good thing about the understable distance drivers in general is that, because of that understable quality, the disc will have a longer flight path than your typical stable or overstable disc. This means that they don’t necessarily need high arm speed to travel a long ways. The tern for example is only speed 12, but will glide for quite a long distance with proper form.

With the exception of the Excite, the discs on this list aren’t max speed distance drivers, which just goes to show that you don’t really need max speed to throw far with an understable disc. Essentially, this means that understable discs are an especially great choice for beginners.

The great thing about this list in particular is the range of speed and skill level required for each disc. A beginner to the game could, for instance, start off their disc golf career with the Valkyrie, and as they learn and grow, eventually move up through the ranks to the Roadrunner, then the Avenger SS, to the Tern, and finally the Excite.

The Hyzer Flip

The hyzer flip is a shot in disc golf requires the player to throw the disc on a hyzer angle of release. To make this shot most effective and to give it the best distance possible, an understable driver should be used.

The understable quality of these drivers allow the dis to flip up to flat, then slowly slide past flat and glide before finishing back. This S curve on a hyzer release just doesn’t work unless the player is throwing an understable disc.

Any of the discs on this list would be great options to use when throwing the hyzer flip shot. For a bit more information on how to throw the hyzer flip, the guys over at discraft put together a nice video that I found really helpful. I’ll link it here for you.

The Turnover Shot / Anhyzer Shot

Another extremely useful shot to have in your bag is the turnover shot, or anhyzer shot. This shot is released on an anhyzer angle is used to swing the disc into a curved flight path in order to get around obstacles.

Once again, this shot is best performed when using a stable or understable disc. The more understable the disc, the more the disc will turn. An overstable disc will come out of the turn too quickly and dive-bomb into the dirt as it tries to fade back on it’s line.

The trick to performing a nice turnover shot is the anhyzer release angle and aiming high. This shot needs room to move as it flies, so make sure you aim accordingly.

Any of the discs on this list would be great options to use when throwing the turnover shot. For a bit more information on how to throw this shot, I’ve linked a video below that I found useful.

The Roller

One last shot I wanted to talk about here is the Roller. Roller shots are a type of throw where the disc is released on a heavy anhyzer angle, which allows the disc to turn over onto it’s side as it lands and keep rolling. The adds a lot of distance to the drive and allows you to get around some obstacles that may be in the way like trees.

Rollers can be performed with stable, overstable and understable discs, however, many players feel that starting out with an understable disc makes the roller easier to learn given that understable discs turn over more easily and require less of the anhyzer angle.

Some quick tips when throwing rollers:

  • Release the disc on an anhyzer angle
  • Keep your shoulders back as you throw
  • The disc likes to curve towards the top plate side of the disc, so aim accordingly

I’ll link a video below I found useful as I was researching rollers.

Wrapping up 

Understable disc golf drivers suit beginners better than any other distance driver out there. They also appeal to the pros and more experienced players as well because of their ability to flip up and turn over for maximum glide.

If you’re considering an understable distance driver, and you’re wondering which would best suit your needs and level of skill, there is most certainly a disc on this list for you. I hope you consider any of the five understable distance drivers we’ve mentioned here! 

Best wishes and have fun out there! =)