The Best Stable Disc Golf Distance Drivers – A Comprehensive Review

Best Stable Distance Drivers

Earlier in April, we wrote a great review about overstable disc golf distance drivers. As you might recall from that article, overstable drivers are one of three types. Today, we want to talk about another type of disc golf distance drivers: stable drivers.

Disc golf distance drivers that have very slight turn and fade ratings and fly straight and level without much variation in their flight path are considered stable drivers. Their turn and fade ratings will usually add up to zero, or close to zero, meaning that they should land directly in the center of the flight path. Those very slight turn ratings cause them to fly straighter and more level than understable or overstable distance drivers, which typically turn or fade left or right of where you’re aiming.

What are the best stable distance drivers in disc golf? Here’s five of our top picks:

  1. Latitude 64 Saint
  2. Latitude 64 Flow
  3. Innova Beast
  4. Westside Northman
  5. Innova Krait

In this article, we’ll go in-depth on each of these five stable disc golf distance drivers, explaining what makes them such a great choice. I’ll also show each discs flight path and flight numbers so you can compare at a greater level.

1. Latitude 64 Saint

About the Latitude 64 Saint

A Truly excellent stable disc with a slightly lower speed than some of the other stable disc golf distance drivers on this list. The Latitude 64 Saint is a spectacular stable distance driver that follows a nice S curve. When thrown with enough power, it’ll show a harder turn, then fade slightly back at the end.

The high glide rating on this driver makes it one of the longest throwing stable drivers on this list for both new players and more advanced disc golfers. If you only purchase one disc on this list, this is definitely the one to pick.

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2. Latitude 64 Flow

About the Latitude 64 Flow

Latitude 64’s description says “go with the flow” and we agree! The Flow is a great stable flier with a fade rating of 2, a glide rating of 6, and a speed rating of 11. It’s got a sizable dome that gives it great lift and though it flies great as a backhander, it has been known to be the forehand stable driver of choice for many players.

Admittedly, beginners might struggle with this stable distance driver, as it’s best for intermediates. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll find yourself using this distance driver all the time. Its rim, a slim 2.2 centimeters, is designed to maximize fade, turn, glide, and speed. Your driver will travel further distances with each throw, and you’ll enjoy releases that are much more consistent.

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3. Innova Beast

About the Innova Beast

Another Innova pick that deserves your consideration, the Beast is a favorite for stable distance drivers. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience with disc golfing, you should find the Beast picks up and plays pretty easily. You get all the stability and speed you’re looking for.

A favorite of world champ Barry Schultz, the Beast plays up well to both backhand and forehand throwing styles. It also handles turnover throws with really well, which turns out to be a great advantage when you really need a great roller. Expect more amazing downwind shots as well as a greater throwing distance than you’ve experienced with other stable distance drivers for beginners.

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4. Westside Northman

About the Westside Northman

A highly-rated, inexpensive pick, Westside Northman may not be the number 1 stable distance driver on this list, but it has earned wide acclaim. It lacks some stability, as it’s often referred to as “relatively stable.” Still, the accuracy of your drives shouldn’t suffer, even when you do so consistently.  That’s in part due to the glide rating of 5 and the fade rating of 2.

We do have to talk about the speed of the Westside Northman, as it excels in this area. It’s got a speed rating of 10. Ideal for intermediate users still trying to master their power. All around the Northman is a great pick for stability with both forehand and backhand drives.

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5. Innova Krait

About the Innova Krait

The final of our two Innova picks, the Krait has a fade rating of 2, a glide rating of 5, and a speed rating of 11. This driver is one of the most stable drivers in the Innova line, featuring great stability at high speeds, which means it won’t turn over on you when thrown hard. This equates to better distance for those straight and level shots.

The 2.3-centimeter base height of this driver doesn’t alter its speed in the least, as the ratings above show you. The rim depth isn’t too different than what you’d normally find with other Innova distance drivers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Beginners might want to try the Innova Beast instead (more on this later), as the Krait is designed for intermediate players.

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When Should You Use a Stable Distance Driver

When should you use a stable distance driver? When you want to throw a smooth straight and flat shot, a stable disc is the way to go. When thrown level, with average power, a stable disc should end up exactly where you’re aiming, without hooking either direction at the end of it’s path. This means that stable discs are great for tunnel shots and low ceilings. Also great if you just need a solid straight shot that won’t fade on you. It’s always good to have a few stable discs in your bag for these types of shots.

If you’re a little bit more skilled, a lower speed stable driver is a great disc to overpower when you need it to turn harder than it’s meant to, but still come back and finish level. This means that for RHBH players, the disc will turn a fair bit to the right, then come slightly back and finish level, and visa versa for LHBH throwers.

The Best Stable Distance Driver for Beginners

As we mentioned in the intro, a stable disc golf distance driver should fly with very little turn or fade, unlike overstable or understable distance drivers which can feature high amounts of both turn and fade. This quality makes most stable drivers great for beginners as they flight straight and level. That said, not every stable distance driver is as beginner-friendly as you may think.

For instance, take a look at the Latitude 64 Saint. Although other Latitude 64 stable distance drivers suit somewhat more inexperienced players, the Saint isn’t one of them. I recommend the Saint to players intermediate-level and above as it can be a bit trickier than the other stable drivers on this list.

So which disc would be best for beginners? The Innova Beast.

Favored by a world champion Barry Schultz yet still great for newer players, the Innova Beast’s amazing versatility and stability makes it a great choice for beginners and more advanced players alike. Whether you prefer backhanded, forehanded, or turnover throws, you’ll get great mileage out of the Beast.

Once you feel like you’ve graduated passed beginner level, I recommend the you also try some of the other stable discs on this list as you might find something you really like.

The Best Stable Disc for High Arm Speed

You’ve practiced and practiced and have finally achieved great arm speed. Now you’re wondering which of the stable disc golf distance drivers we covered in this list will accommodate you.

We have to give it to the Innova Krait for this one. Its speed rating of 11 may be a bit lower than some overstable drivers out there (which can achieve awesome speed ratings of up to 13), but the great stability and straight-shot trajectory of the Krait make up for that.

Paul McBeth, another PDGA World Championship winner (4x over), would always keep at least one Krait in his bag before he switched sponsors. In fact, the championship version of this distance driver once had his name and signature on it. Playing disc golf like the pros has never more enjoyable or rewarding!  

Wrapping up

Stable disc golf distance drivers make for a wonderful choice for those looking to get into this sport. Some distance drivers work well for beginners eager to finesse and sharpen their techniques. Others favor the skills of intermediate players better who have a feel and preference for their distance drivers.

No matter your tastes, budget, or level of skill, there’s a stable disc golf distance driver on this list for you. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you get a chance to try these distance drivers for yourself. They’re certainly worth using!

Best wishes and have fun out there! =)