The Best Overstable Midrange Discs in Disc Golf

In disc golf, you will find a good midrange driver will help you out in a lot of different scenarios. As the name implies, they are used for medium distance shots, which can be helpful for shorter drives and for approaches.

Overstable midrange discs tend to fly straight and then fade to the left (when thrown right-handed backhand). This makes them helpful for getting down narrow lanes or around obstacles. They are known for having a very consistent flight path, even if your technique is a little off.

Midranges tend to require less power to throw properly, compared to distance drivers. Overstable midranges can be a bit more challenging because they require a bit more power than understable and stable midranges to get distance.

Overstable discs are fun because they can handle a little more power than other midranges but are easier than distance drivers to throw. Overstable midranges are useful because they will reliably fly straight and fade right (when thrown right-handed backhand). They also offer variations that effect how their flight will end. Choose a high glide disc to get some extra distance or pick a low glide one that will drop exactly where you want it to go.

My Top 5 Pics

Now that you know what an overstable midrange driver can do, you may be wondering which one to get. Here are our top 5 picks for best overstable midranges:

  1. Latitude 64 Anchor
  2. Dynamic Discs Justice
  3. Innova Discs Roc3
  4. Discraft Buzzz OS
  5. Innova Discs Gator

Below I’ll be linking to each disc that I’m recommending. I’ll provide links to both and Amazon is highly convenient and that’s awesome, but I would encourage you to take a look at as well. Buying from their store is supporting a company in the disc golf industry, which in turn, helps the sport! =)

1.    Latitude 64 Anchor

About the Latitude 64 Anchor

The Latitude 64 Anchor is a reliable overstable midrange. It is intended to serve as a safe go-to disc to keep you on the fairway. You will be surprised by how much glide the Anchor has for a beefy disc.  This disc will give you that glide distance with a left fade (when throwing right-handed backhand) that you can count on.

This disc is on the higher end of speed ratings for a midrange. That means you will need a bit more power to throw it properly. This makes it ideal for beginners looking to gradually move up towards more challenging discs, as well as more advanced players looking for a midrange that they can throw harder.

The Anchor is great in heavy winds and reliable enough for the woods. The consistent fade will give you what you need to get out of a lot of tricky situations.

Pick up your own Latitude 64 Anchor over on using this link.

2.    Dynamic Discs Justice

About the Dynamic Discs Justice

The Dynamic Discs Justice offers a low glide overstable disc. It is the perfect thing for a windy day. This disc will not turn over. This disc is a helpful utility with its reliable fade. A lot of players love it for forehand shots.

Predictable is the name of the game with the Justice. What it lacks in distance, it more than makes up for with its consistent flight path. With the low glide, it comes down fast, which makes it a great tool for skip shots.

Beginners may struggle a bit with this one at first, but if you stick with it, it is well worth the effort.

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3.    Innova Discs Roc3

About the Innova Discs Roc3

The Innova Discs Roc3 is a reliable overstable midrange. It will hold its line, even on windy days. This one has a lot of glide making it good for getting that little bit of extra distance. It is a predictable straight-flying disc with a consistent fade at the end.

Like most overstable discs, it can be a challenge for some beginners looking to get some distance. The high glide of the Roc3 makes it slightly more approachable than other overstable midranges. If you can muster the required power, you will be rewarded with some added distance.

The Roc3 will hold its angle, coming in handy for hyzers. It is a versatile disc that you will love off the tee or on the approach.

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4.    Discraft Buzzz OS

About the Discraft Buzzz OS

The Discraft Buzzz series are some of the most popular midranges in the world. The OS is no exception and with good reason. This high glide, overstable disc will give you a predictable flight path with that added glide distance. Throw it confidently into heavy headwinds, knowing that it won’t turn over.

The Buzzz OS is known to be useful for flex shots, holding the angle well until the fade kicks in. A perfect utility disc that you can use in a broad range of situations.

If you already throw a Buzzz disc and are looking for something overstable, the Buzzz OS is the perfect thing, bringing you a familiar feel. If you don’t already use a Buzzz, you will come to appreciate the comfortable feel of the series and the reliability of this overstable midrange.

Pick up your own Discraft Buzzz OS over on using this link.

5.    Innova Discs Gator

About the Innova Discs Gator

With next to no glide, the Innova Discs Gator will land exactly where you throw it. This disc is great for beginners because it can be thrown at lower speeds. This bulky, low glide disc works well in the wind. It comes in handy for approaches or even putting in high wind scenarios.

It has a sharp left fade (when thrown right-handed backhand). It is also useful for flex forehand shots. It is well known for its minimal skip, allowing you to park the disc right by the basket.

The Gator will give you a reliable fade. It’s an easy disc to master and once you do, you will quickly find it cutting strokes off your game.

Pick up your own Innova Discs Gator over on using this link.

When to Use an Overstable Midrange

Overstable midranges are great to have because they will give you a very consistent flight path. If you are in a narrow lane or a wooded area and you need the disc to go exactly where you want it to, reach for your overstable midrange.

An overstable midrange will fly straight and fade left (when thrown right-handed backhand). Take advantage of the fade to get around obstacles. Throw it forehand to fade in the opposite direction.

Use an overstable disc if you are trying to pull off a flex shot. An anhyzer angle will pull the disc one way and the overstability will cause it to fade back in the opposite direction. This technique is more reliable than an s-shot because it uses an overstable disc, rather than an understable one.

The overstable midranges with less glide can be used for spike shots. The combination of the throwing angle and overstability will drive the disc to the ground. A spike hyzer is useful for getting the disc over an obstacle and having it stay put when it lands.

Overstable discs are really helpful in windy situations. Even in heavy winds, they won’t turn over. Overstable midranges can even be used for putting if you need something beefy in strong winds.

When Not to Use an Overstable Midrange

A key characteristic of overstable midranges is that they do not turnover easily. So, generally don’t use them on any shots that require turnover, such as an s-shot.

What makes the disc great for spiking makes it terrible for longer hyzer throws. When an overstable disc is thrown with a hyzer angle, it will go to the ground pretty quickly. This can be good for having a lot of control over where the disc lands, but it will be harder to get distance.

In these situations, you probably want to reach for an understable midrange. Check out our recommendations in The Best Understable Disc Golf Midrange Drivers.

How Overstable Midranges Can Help You Add Power to Your Game

If you are looking to add more power to your throws, you may struggle controlling the flight paths of most midranges, if you are technique isn’t quite there yet. Overstable discs are more forgiving. Their flight path will stay pretty consistent, even if your technique is off.

An overstable midrange is great for trying out a little more power. If you are not able to get the power you meant to, the disc will still fly predictably, just not as far. If you do get the power right, but your technique is off, an overstable disc will still hold a consistent flight path.

This make overstable midranges great for playing around with adding more power to your shots with less risk of ending up in the woods.

The Best Overstable Midranges

Overstable midranges are a lot of fun to play around with. You can use them for consistency and their reliable fades. You can also play around with them, adding more power or throwing them high up to spike back down.

With the right overstable midrange you will see yourself finding more and more excuses to use it. The forgiving nature of an overstable disc will allow you to get creative.

There are a lot of different overstable midrange disc options on the market. We have recommended a few of our favourites here covering both high glide and low glide options. We are sure that there are a few on here that you’ll love as well.