Best Disc Golf Discs For Beginners

The quality of your disc golf gear can be hugely influential on your performance. Starting a new game requires a lot of practice and dedication to perfect your skills, however, initially, it can seem like a challenging task.

There are many aspects that will contribute to how well you improve as a player but to begin you will need to focus on mastering your throwing style and technique along with your arm strength and speed. 

Paying poor attention to the discs that you buy may mean that you end up with some that are intended for players at an advanced level.

Because of this, you are likely to encounter some difficulties when it comes to throwing the disc with both speed and accuracy. 

The market is inundated with many different types of golf discs and this can make it hard to identify those that have been designed for your skill level.

To make the process easier for you, we have browsed the selection on offer before choosing and reviewing our top 5 picks of the best golf discs below, all of which are recommended for players at a beginner level.

Moreover, we have also provided you with a buyer’s guide below where we have covered the basics of this sport along with all of the factors and things you should look for in high-quality golf discs that cater to your playing abilities. 

1. Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Disc Golf Starter Set 

Investing in a disc set is a cost effective option and means that you won’t have to purchase each disc individually.

This starter set consists of 5 discs in total and this includes a putter, a midrange disc, a fairway driver, and a distance driver. As such, you have all of the discs on hand that you require to begin playing. 

Handpicked by champions, you will witness an improvement in your scores and performance after playing a few games using these discs. In fact, the putter has acclaimed the title as the disc of the year on previous occasions.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, the mid-range disc has earned a reputation as the World Champion’s Choice. 

Beginners will likely appreciate the full flight of the fairway driver. It is also categorized as under-stable and because of this, it will be significantly easier to shoot.

As your confidence and skills progress and your focus shifts to the longevity of your shot, you will likely get more out of your maximum distance driver. 


  • Guarantee – if you are dissatisfied with these discs you can return them for a full refund. 
  • Weight – these discs weigh between 170 and 176 grams which are stable without being overly weighty. As such they are perfect for beginners.
  • Useability – they are easy to throw and travel through the air with great accuracy.


  • Color – as stated in the product specs, the colors can vary, however, this can make it difficult for beginners to differentiate between the different discs. 

2. Innova Disc Golf Starter Set 

From one of the most popular golf disc manufacturer’s on the market, this starter set by Innova is another excellent choice for beginners. This set contains the Aviar Putter, the Roc3, the leopard, the t-bird, and the destroyer.

Each of these drivers and putters focus on distance, accuracy, and ease of use. 

Along with the discs that we have listed above, you will also receive a special edition mini disc which you can use to mark your shot before proceeding to take your next go.

We especially like how all of these discs maintain a solid performance even when confronted with headwinds. 

Just like our previous choice, a few discs in this set are praised as being of ‘World Champion’ standard. The weight of these discs varies from 160 to 180 grams, as such, they are bound to be more than manageable for new players. 


  • Value  – the quality and quantity of the discs in this set are great value and very affordable. 
  • Performance – they fulfill their purpose as a trusty starter set for those who are familiarizing themselves with the concept of the game. 
  • Varied Weights – great for different uses. Select the lighter discs for distance and the heavier discs for stability.


  • Durability – some reviewers have reported that they were slightly disappointed in the durability as some of the discs were prone to scratching and denting. 

3. Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter 

A disc golf putter performs well when used to cover a shorter distance where more power is needed. Gaining its title as the Disc of the year in the player’s choice awards in 2013, this disc delivers a strong but predictable flight.

It travels at a speed of 2, has a glide rating of 4, a turn rating of 0, and is rated 1 for fade. The speed is ideal for beginners who are currently prioritizing accuracy over distance.

Likewise, it has a reasonable glide rating and is expected to cope well with distance and high wind situations. 

When throwing this disc at speed, you needn’t worry about it fading, instead, it is expected to land fairly straight. Made using prime plastic, it has an excellent grip and can handle challenging weather conditions pretty well. 

For many, the color of their golf discs is important. Having duplicate colors will only make it harder to tell each disc apart. Thankfully, this disc is available in black, blue, red, white, and yellow.

As such, you can select the color disc that you will find the easiest to identify. 


  • Cost – As this putter retails at an affordable price it is a great choice for beginners who are trying their hand at this sport for the first time.
  • Performance – it is predictable and reliable coping well with speeds and winds.
  • Weight – this disk is quite weighty, however, some beginners may find that this makes it easier to achieve a straighter shot. 


  • Quality – though they handle different conditions well they are prone to scratching. 

4. Latitude 64 Diamond Disc Golf Driver 

A disc golf driver is used for distance and shape shots. The Latitude 64 Diamond Disc Golf Driver is the perfect choice for younger players and those who are just getting started in the sport.

As a lightweight disc, it weighs a maximum of 159g and has a great feel which is ideal for beginners who are still familiarizing themselves with the concept of gripping a disc.

In regards to flight ratings, this disc features a speed rating of 8, a glide rating of 6, a turn rating of 3, and a fade rating of 1.

Whilst the glide, turn and fade ratings make this disc great for beginners seeking accuracy in windy conditions, the speed makes it a little more challenging to handle.

However, as you practice throwing it, it will become much easier.

Constructed from high-quality, premium plastic, this is a durable disc that is going to withstand punishment from the wind without becoming easily damaged. Furthermore, it is available in a choice of translucent colors, so you can select your preferred option.


  • Usability – Players who are still developing their arm speed are going to find this disc forgiving and easy to use.
  • Weight – as this is a lightweight disc it is easy to handle and will travel well at a distance. 
  • Durability – even when confronted with harsh winds, this disc is going to resist damage well. 


  • Performance – when it is overly windy, this disc may struggle to reach the desired distance.

5. Remix Battleship Disc Golf Midrange Disc 

For those seeking affordability without compromising on quality and performance, the Remix Battleship Mid Range Golf Disc is a strong contender.

A mid range golf disc can be used for an array of shots and tend to be used in instances when a putter or fairway driver isn’t sufficient.

They are particularly versatile and are designed for accuracy.

This midrange golf disc has been made from premium plastic and can handle straight and stable flights well. Some beginners may initially find it a little difficult to handle because overstable discs are typically used by powerful throwers.

However, as your confidence develops and you become accustomed to handling this disc you will likely find it much easier. 

As a versatile disc, it is intended for beginners and those who are at a more advanced level. For this reason, it is likely to see you through many games as your confidence and skill improves. 


  • Cost – retailing within a lower price range, this is a budget-friendly golf disc.
  • Durability – as this disc has been made from high-quality plastic, it is going to handle frequent use well.
  • Weight – weighing a maximum of 174g, this disc isn’t going to be too heavy for beginners.


  • Using the disc – as it has been designed for players at all levels rather than just beginners, it may not cater to the demands of all new starters. 

Buyer’s Guide

Though disc golf is a relatively easy and fun sport to play, initially for beginners learning the jargon and the concept of the game can be rather daunting.

Below, we have listed some criteria that we would advise you to consider when searching through the selection of golf discs that the market has to offer. 

What is disc golf?

The rules in disc golf are fairly similar to the rules in normal golf, however, instead of hitting a ball, a disc is thrown towards a target. These discs boast different characteristics. Whilst some focus on speed, others focus on accuracy.

Some are also designed to fly around objects whilst others will fly over them. 

Every time the disc is thrown a stroke is counted. The aim is to use as few strokes as possible to get the disc into the target. Occasionally, you may hear this sport being referred to as frisbee golf. 

Many discs are used in this sport, and they are typically identified via the following three categories; a putter, a driver, and a midrange.

Although many players assume that putters are only really useful for short distance shots, they are good for angles and can even be thrown from a distance of 150 feet.

As your skill level increases, you can even use the putter to achieve impressive drives. 

A disc golf driver has been designed with distance in mind. Whilst some are made to travel straight, others are great for shape shots and can travel to the left or the right. If the course is pretty sharp, you will likely use this disc to reach your target. 

Midrange golf discs focus on accuracy and control. As versatile discs, they come in useful in many situations and can be used for drives and flex shots. If desired, you can even use this type of disc for putting. 

The Number Of Discs

Golf disc sets typically consist of a minimum of 2 discs and a maximum of 10. They are a great option for beginners who are starting from scratch as you are provided with all of the basics discs that you will need to get started.

Alternatively, there are discs available that are sold individually.

If you are a beginner but have already started to build up your collection, this allows you to focus on purchasing the discs that you do not currently have yet.

If you are new to the sport you may wish to start with a basic collection consisting of a few of the main discs that you require. As your skills improve, you can then invest in some more discs.

The Weight of the Disc

Golf discs come in a range of different weights, and this weight will determine how well it handles certain weather conditions. Competitive players and those at a more advanced level will use heavier discs that weigh around 180 grams.

Lightweight discs are recommended for beginners who are still working on their arm strength and will likely find a heavier disc harder to release. Not only are they easier to throw, but you will also get more distance from a lightweight disc.

It is worth noting that a lightweight disc is more likely to struggle when confronted with strong winds. 

As your skills and confidence in the game develop, you can then progress onto the heavier discs which will offer more stability and will also be more effective in withstanding windows.

The Speed

It is important to examine the speed rating of the disc to determine whether it is suitable for your skill level. This rating can be anything from 1 to 14. Whilst 1 is the slowest speed, 14 is of course the fastest.

Slower discs are great for accuracy and faster discs are the best option for those wanting more power in their throw.

Beginners are advised to begin throwing slower discs with a range of 6 to 9. As your shot becomes more accurate, you can then move onto faster discs. 

The Durability

You should invest in golf discs that have been durably constructed. The quality of the plastic will determine how well the discs hold up against harsh winds.

If this is a sport that you are going to be participating in regularly regardless of the weather conditions, you need your discs to be strong enough to last. Some plastics will be prone to scratching and denting more than others. 

The Cost 

The amount that you spend will differ depending on whether you are going to be investing in a set or an individual disc.

For many, a set is a cost effective option as it contains multiple discs and this saves you from having to purchase each one that you need separately.

The cost of an individual golf disc can vary depending on the brand that it has been manufactured by.

Whilst it is worth having a budget in mind to tailor your search towards, you must also make sure that your disc isn’t lacking in regards to quality and longevity.

If you are simply trying your hand at this sport for the first time, you may wish to invest in cheaper discs until you are confident that this is a sport that you enjoy and want to pursue further.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many disks should a beginner have?

Generally, it is recommended that beginners carry a minimum of 6 discs. This should include two putters, two drivers, and two-mid range discs.

This number can vary with some players suggesting that you should carry as many as 20 or more. As such, you should carry as many as you deem necessary for the regularity that you are likely to play at.

Remember that as your confidence increases, you can build a larger collection of discs. 

Do heavier discs fly farther?

Typically, a lighter disc will travel further than a heavier disk, however, due to its stability, a heavier disc will cope better in headwinds.

For this reason, a disc weighing between 160 to 165 grams is the best option for players of average ability who want to achieve distance with their shots.