Best Disc Golf Bag

Disc golf is a sport that has been rapidly growing in popularity since the 1900s when it was originally invented. It is very similar to regular golf, except you play with a disc that is hurled through the air into a basket or ‘hole’.

Wherever your disc lands, you then have to play the shot from that position. You have to keep repeating this process until you have sunk your disc into the hole. This game requires a lot of precision, technique and skill, which is why it draws so many players, especially senior ones.

However, if you take your game seriously, having already bought a selection of a dozen or so golf discs, then we would certainly recommend that you get yourself a special disc golf bag. Having these is a great method of carrying all your disc golf accessories from one end of the course to the other.

These bags are known for their utility, coming with a whole host of side pockets that you can use to store your discs, your valuables and accessories such as a water bottle and other items. Having your valuables with you rather than at the clubhouse will be very important for keeping your items together.

So where can you find the best disc golf bags? What features does a really good disc golf bag have that will give you the best in terms of capacity, center of gravity and weight?

What materials should a disc golf bag be made from to give it the highest resistance to weather and other environmental changes? How much should you be looking to pay for a decent disc golf bag?

Well, disc golfers the world over won’t need to worry, as we’ve got some of the best disc golf bags currently available on the market. We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help you to discern between the great and not-so-great disc golf bags, as well as some frequently asked questions that will hopefully allay any anxieties that you have around this subject.

The Best Disc Golf Bags Reviews

1. Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

This first bag has been manufactured by a company that specializes in disc golf-related product brands, with a team that is very dedicated to promoting the sport and making their bags stand out from the competition.

This has a wide storage compartment that you can use to store up to 18 golf discs – introducing the Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag.

This has many different compartments that you can use to hold many different disc golf items such as discs themselves, clothing and other accessories like a water bottle that you’ll need when you’re out on the green on a hot and dry day.

This bag has plenty of pockets, allowing you to store all sorts of useful items.

This bag is made from amazing materials that are not only durable but you can also use to withstand all different types of weather. If you want to keep your lunch dry while you’re out on the course, then what better way to do that than with your sealable, multi-zipped bag? This bag comes with a drawstring that you can be sure will seal out all moisture.


  • This bag comes engineered with a lower center of gravity, so you won’t have much stress and strain put on your lower back, giving you everything that you need for a sturdy performance.
  • This comes with 3 additional pockets, with plenty of room for larger lunchboxes, a thermos flask of tea and, most importantly, your discs.
  • You can quickly retrieve your discs with a very simple-to-use zip that is perfect for opening and closing quickly, which is great if it suddenly rains and you need to collect your things quickly.
  • This multi-zipped bag gives you everything that you need for a durable carry-on, with plenty of pockets that will allow you to store a multitude of essential items, saving you a trip to the clubhouse.
  • This bag is also very lightweight, you can keep it on during a game and not have to worry about it weighing you down too excessively.


  • This bag has been described by some users as not being as durable as some of the others that we have listed here.

2. Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag

This next golf disc bag comes with the capacity to carry around 20 frisbees, which is going to be a must-have for tournaments where you want as many accessories on the course with you as possible so that your concentration isn’t broken. This has two pockets that can be used for golf discs – introducing the Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack Disc Golf Bag.

This pocket can carry around 20 frisbees, which are perfect for hardcore disc golf players. You can also have plenty of golfing accessories such as a water bottle and lunchboxes, both of which are great for keeping you nourished and hydrated on the course. You can also carry your phone in a separate zipper in a side pocket.

You can also fix an umbrella with this bag. Disc golfing is a sport that is played outdoors, so you want to be prepared for everything that the elements have to throw at you. This bag is incredibly lightweight, you can even go running with it for up to an hour and still won’t feel the drag.


  • You can carry not just one, but two water bottle holders with this disc golf bag. This is ideal for playing on a baking hot day where hydration is essential.
  • This bag is both lightweight and durable, perfect for lugging a lot of items from one end of the course to the other in a sudden downpour.
  • This bag is simply one of the best items for intensely rainy weather conditions, giving you everything that you need for a long game of disc golf.
  • This comes with a unique umbrella holder, which is another great accessory for keeping the game going if there is a brief shower.
  • This has great side pockets that you can use for carrying your phone. Having a phone will definitely be necessary for keeping your things safe and on your person at all times.


  • Some users have complained that this backpack is not that comfortable to wear for a long period.

3. Disc Living Disc Golf Bag

This next bag is one of the most lightweight models, coming in stylish design that is perfect for men, women and children. This is a great all-round design that you can buy in bulk and have every member of the family carrying one.

This bag is very convenient and comfortable, with sling belt padded loops on the side – introducing the Disc Living Disc Golf Bag.

This bag also gives you the option of having it hang hands-free from your belt, which is great if you want to concentrate on your disc throw. You can be sure that this slim little design is great for those who want to look cool, with a vintage-style tan design.

You can carry fewer discs with this bag, but the way the bag is constructed is very compact and won’t cause any of the discs to fall out. This bag is made from extremely resilient and weatherproof canvas material. Canvas materials will ensure that your bag will last you for months, if not years at a time if looked after well.


  • You can hold up to 10 golfing discs with this bag, which is ideal if you are having a leisurely game with friends and don’t want to be saddled with a heavy bag.
  • This belt comes with a discreet design that will allow you to have your plastic discs around your waist, so you can wear your bag as you play.
  • You can carry bottle holders and your mobile phone with this bag, which is ideal if you need to take an emergency call during your game.
  • This is designed to be both lightweight and extremely resilient – the canvas material will be able to withstand lots of rain and other harsh weather conditions.
  • This is a great bag for teenagers who want to play some disc golf – not only does it fit in with most styles of fashion, but it can also double up as a purse or wallet for your valuables.


  • This single strap does not offer the optimal support that a lot of other bags do. You might find your single canvas strap giving out after a few months of use.

4. Innova Super HeroPack II Disc Golf Backpack

This next backpack is great for use in your disc golf game, coming in an amazing tartan green design that will certainly turn a few heads on the golf course.

You can use this as a large function bag to keep all your possessions in, whether it be a water bottle, a wallet and umbrella or even a packet of potato chips – introducing the Innova Super HeroPack II Disc Golf Backpack.

This comes made in a water-resistant fabric that is perfect if you do enjoy a game of disc golf in the winter seasons. You can keep upwards of 25 frisbees in this backpack, which is great if you like hitting the course for a long period.

You can also be certain that you’ll have plenty of room for your treasured valuables too.

This bag comes in a wide range of comfortable designs, which is great if you want a bag that suits your distinctive personality. This bag is also water-resistant, so it will absorb both the rain and any spillages inside your bag.

That’s because this bag comes with two drink holders that you can be sure will keep you hydrated throughout your whole game.


  • This comes in many different colors, perfect if you want to use them to cater to your particular style of clothing.
  • This can hold up to 25 frisbees, great for an intermediate game of disc golf that lies somewhere between the professional and amateur games.
  • This bag is known for having plenty of space, so not only can you use them for your disc golf apparatus, but you can also use it to store your lunch, some drinks and even a book if you fancy some downtime after your game.
  • These have very large pockets which are ideal for carrying water bottles and even umbrellas, so you won’t have to worry about being caught short in either rain or shine.
  • These have dual drink holders, great if you are struggling to get hydrated when you’re out on the course.


  • Some users have complained that this bag is cumbersome because of the large amount of space and can weigh them down if loaded up with accessories.

5. Athletico Disc Golf Bag

This final disc golf bag is more for the professional players, with a massive capacity and a stylish design that will not only hold upwards of 25 discs but also has side pockets for drink and waterproof clothing.

You can keep all of your disc golf clothing in this bag, with plenty of side pockets – introducing the Athletico Disc Golf Bag.

You can keep most of your frisbee gear in one place with this handy tote bag, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost or misplaced when you are out in the middle of the course.

This has a very comfortable single strap that you can attach to your person for those long-haul games.

This bag is made from extremely durable material, with a 600D polyester fabric and metal hooks that will add security to your bag. You can carry a lot of your disc golf accessories with this bag, which will definitely appeal to the more hardcore disc golf players.

This is padded to give you that extra comfort around the shoulders.


  • This bag comes with a very stylish horizontal design, with polyester fabric that is both weatherproof and tearproof.
  • You can keep not just your discs but your shorts and sports top in this bag, making it a one-stop-shop for any serious disc golf player.
  • This has what is called a ‘balanced design’, which is not only good for an even distribution of weight in your bag, but will also go easy on your spine.
  • You can keep all your frisbee weights in your bag without having to worry about exerting yourself. In fact, this is one of the highest recommended bags for seniors with mobility issues.
  • This comes with a completely waterproof exterior, so getting caught in the rain might not cause a halt to your game like it would have in the past.


  • Some users have complained that these straps could be better stitched and tend to come apart after a few months of use.

Best Disc Golf Bag Buyer’s Guide

Getting the right disc golf bag for your needs will be very important for getting the most out of your disc golf game. You’ll need something that firstly has plenty of room, enough to carry a bare minimum of 10 discs, as well as additional side pockets for mobile phones and water bottles.

Here are some things that you’ll definitely want to be considering before buying your next disc golf bag:

How Big Is The Disc Golf Bag?

This should be your utmost priority, as the whole point of a disc golf bag is having enough room to carry around your discs without having to go back to the cart to pick up any more. A typical golf disc bag should be able to hold anywhere between 10 and 25 golf discs.

If you are a professional disc golfer, then you’ll definitely want your golf bag to hold a larger amount of discs.

Does It Have Water Bottle Holders?

A lot of your golf bags should have a vertical storage capacity to hold water bottles. This is an outdoor game of usually very long duration in the baking hot sun, so you’ll definitely need a slug or two of water to keep you hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Disc Golf Bag?

All you need for washing a golf bag is to do it by hand. If you put your golf bag in the machine then the chances are that it will significantly damage the straps and the interior of your bag. 

We would recommend that you clean your disc bag once a month, submerging it in hot, soapy water before leaving it to dry in the sun.