Best Disc Golf Backpack

Have you ever tried playing disc golf using a regular backpack to store all your discs?

If you haven’t, I don’t recommend it. Fumbling and grappling around for ages trying to reach a disc at the bottom while all your other sundries are in the way.

Worse yet, if you were to use an ordinary backpack, you could end up with your water bottle leaking all over your discs. And take it from me, playing with wet discs does not have the same feel to it.

The solution of course is to get yourself a really good disc golf backpack. One that has been designed for that very purpose. And if that sounds good to you, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

We’ve been checking out some of the best disc golf backpacks on the market today. After much deliberation, we were able to hand-pick our top 5 favorites to show you. Our reviews on them are coming up very shortly.

Following on from that, we also have a buying guide that will walk you through all the key things to think about before you buy. Then we’re going to top that off with yet another handy section, where we will tackle all your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

And without further ado…

Best Disc Golf Backpack

1. Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack

Now, this is the bag that’s THE best seller with the online retail giants. It’s flying off the shelves, selling in it’s thousands.

Batter yet, even after nearly 4,000 individual customer ratings on, the average customer rating comes in at a very impressive 5 stars out of 5.

It comes from one of the top brands in the business, and better yet, this is one of their most affordable ranges. Available at a fraction of the cost of some of their other backpacks. Excellent value for money.

You can easily fit 18 discs in the spacious main compartment. But if you wanted to take even more, you can add another 4 dics in the upper compartment.

It also features a 32 ounce water bottle holder to keep you hydrated as you play, along with 3 additional pockets. Here you can store valuables such as your wallet, keys, phone and scorecards.

It’s made with durable 600 Denier cordura nylon, so is tough and built to last. It’s also very comfortable to carry. This is thanks to it being quite lightweight, and thanks to the low center of gravity keeping the bag upright. And there’s adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel too.

This backpack is covered by a lengthy lifetime warranty, which covers defects in both materials and workmanship.

There are five color options to choose from, all nice in their own way. Our favorite is the midnight blue, followed closely by the heather grey.


  • Simply flying off the shelves
  • Comes from a top brand
  • It can fit more than 18 discs
  • Impressive customer ratings
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • A very affordable option


  • There is no divider to keep the discs upright

2. Dynamic Discs Commander Disc Golf Backpack

Again, we have a disc golf backpack that comes from a great, well established, and best selling brand.

And better yet, one that’s been met with excellent customer feedback, having earned an average Amazon rating of a full 5 stars out of 5 even after over 200 individual customer ratings.

But we’re not too surprised – there’s a lot to love about it. First off there’s the disc capacity. It can hold up to 20 discs in the main compartment alone…

But better yet, there are also two deep storage compartments on the vertical wall to store more, so you can keep your backpack organized and have particular discs right at hand when you need them. And there’s also a further slot for your mini marker disc.

There’s also a special slot for your score card and pen, and you get two full length zippered vertical pockets where you can stash valuables such as your wallet and your cell phone.

And there’s not one but two pockets to hold your water bottles, so you can keep fully hydrated for two whole games if not more.

It has a tough, durable constriction, yet remains quite lightweight at just 4 pounds.

The Commander comes backed by a money-back guarantee, so if you’re not completely happy with the backpack for whatever reason you can get your money back in full no questions asked.

If you click on “Check price” you will be taken to the product page for this backpack, where you will see other variations of this backpack…

These variations not only include different color options, but there’s also an option with an insulated cooler pouch, which can keep a 6 pack of cans cool for you.!


  • It comes from a top brand
  • Excellent customer ratings
  • Carries more than 20 discs
  • Keeps your items organized
  • 2 pockets for water bottles
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Premium product at a premium price, a little expensive at over $100

3. Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Disc Golf Backpack

Again, we have a disc golf backpack that comes from a great, well established, and best selling brand.

And better yet, one that’s been met with excellent customer feedback, having earned an average Amazon rating of a full 5 stars out of 5 even after well over 50 individual customer ratings.

The main compartment can easily accommodate up to about 18 individual discs. And there’s also an additional putter pocket on the side.There’s also a cell phone pocket, a pocket for valuables, and a pocket for your scorecard and mini along with a pencil holder.

There’s also another “secret” pocket at the very back where you can stash another putter, or where you can install a water bladder (sold separately). That’s in addition to the water bottle holder on the side.

The upper compartment is also very roomy, easily big enough to stash a towel or two. Or some more discs or a small umbrella.

Speaking of umbrellas, there’s also an umbrella strap at the front of the bag. With the right umbrella you can keep both yourself and the bag dry whether on the move or when stationary.

If you wanted to use the backpack to hold nothing but discs, you could possibly get up to 30 discs in there.

It also features water-resistant fabric, which is great if you happen to run into a little light rain. But using an umbrella would be best if it started to come down quite heavy.

It has a nice, rigid construction, made with 600D Poly and 400D Dobby Nylon Oxford Fabric.

It has wide padded shoulder straps, and molded padding on the back that lets air through so it’s nice & breathable, and it’s moisture-wicking too. Very comfortable to carry around for a game or two.

It’s the most expensive backpack that made our shortlist but having read the review you might decide it’s worth the money.

Amazon occasionally has deals on this particular backpack, simply click on “Check price” to see if there’s a deal on now.


  • It comes from a top brand
  • Excellent customer ratings
  • Can hold up to about 30 discs
  • Keeps all your items organized
  • Use water bottle or water bladder
  • Perfect for handling a little light rain


  • Premium product at a premium price
  • There aren’t as many customer reviews around on this one

4. Prodigy Disc BP-1 V3 Disc Golf Backpack

Here’s another super popular disc golf backpack, and again one that has attracted excellent customer ratings – a full 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon in fact.

It comes from one the top brands in the industry, as we mention in our buying guide a little later on.

This particular disc golf backpack is the largest in the Prodigy line up, able to accommodate 20 to 26 discs in the main compartment, up to 4 discs in the top, two putters in the putter pocket at the very front, and 10 more in the expandable vertical side pockets.

There are also two insulated water bottle holders – great for keeping hydrated as you game. And there are small pockets to hold valuables such as your wallet or your jets.

One somewhat unique feature of this backpack is how you can remove the Prodigy name from the top and add your own name. Great way for people to identify which bag is yours.

It’s made with nylon ripstop fabric, and is scratch, tear, and water resistant. Not bad hey? And the bottom is not just water resistant but entirely waterproof. The zips are also water resistant, and there’s a slot to hold an umbrella. So you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain.

There are reinforced shoulder straps, padding on the back, and adjustable chest straps. So, getting a perfectly comfortable fit should be a breeze.

It’s available in a range of 8 different colors, and each very distinctive, so there’s something to suit every player.


  • It comes from a top brand
  • Customizable name plate
  • Fits more discs than any other bag
  • Fabric is scratch, tear, and water resistant
  • 2 insulated water bottle holders
  • Comfortable to carry around


  • Premium product at a premium price, a little expensive at over $100

5. Innova Adventure Pack Disc Golf Backpack

If it’s a bargain you’re looking for you need look no further. This backpack is available at an excellent price.

Moreover it has proved to be very popular with customers, having earned a 5 star average customer rating on Amazon – even after well over 1000 individual customer ratings. Not bad hey?

The other thing we love about it is just how lightweight it is at just 2 pounds. Perfect.

It can hold up to about 25 discs in total. We recommend storing as many as possible in the lower main compartment, as this will lower the bag’s center of gravity, making the bag easier to carry around.

There’s also a water bottle holder to ensure you stay hydrated as you play. And there are four other zippered pockets besides to stash away all your valuables out of sight. Or you could use the top pocket as a putter pocket, seeing as it’s large enough.

It has adjustable padded shoulder straps, and a very handy carry handle on the top, for when you don’t need to carry it on your back. The fabric is quite thick and resilient at 600 Denier.

It’s available in 3 different color options, namely black/grey, navy/black, and silver/grey.

And if all that’s not enough, it also comes with a free Innova wristband to boot.


  • Bargain affordable price
  • Excellent customer ratings
  • It can hold up to 25 discs
  • Putter pocket up top
  • Water bottle holder


  • No fancy features, just a basic backpack

Buying Guide

As promised, here’s your buying guide. Here we’ll walk you through some of the key things to think about before you buy.

Disc Capacity

You need at least 3 discs to play disc golf at the bare minimum, a driver, a mid-range, and a putter…

However, most players like to take more than just the minimum. They like to assign certain discs to certain shots and have a wide range of shots that they can execute. And there is no upper limit as to how many discs you can take on the course.

So we would argue that the more discs your disc golf backpack can handle, the better. And if you’re planning on taking a backpack rather than a regular bag, that’s probably what you have in mind anyway.

Comfortable to Carry

Remember, you’re probably going to be carrying the backpack around for most of the game. And since each game averages about 2 hours, you will need your backpack to be comfortable.

Factors that affect the bag’s comfort level are a low center of gravity, achieved by keeping most of your discs at the bottom, a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps. And if the fabric can wick your sweat away too, that’s even better.

Pockets for Water Bottles

An 18 hole round of disc golf usually takes an average of about 2 hours to complete. And that’s a long time to go without keeping yourself properly hydrated. Especially when you’re exerting yourself.

This is why we recommend that you go for a backpack that has at least one compartment to hold a bottle of water for you. You may even decide that you want a backpack with two pockets for water bottles if you want to play more than one round.

Suitable for Use in Light Rain

Not everyone likes to play in the rain, but the weather is never as predictable as we’d like, and occasionally it can start to rain mid game. In which case you will need a backpack that has at least some level of water resistance.

If this is important to you, then we can recommend the Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Backpack, or the Prodigy Disc BP-1 V3.


There are some disc golf backpack brands that dominate the best seller charts with the online retailers more than others. The main one is Dynamic Disks, followed shortly by MVP and Prodigy.

We were sure to include several backpacks from Dynamic Disks in our shortlist of top 5 picks, not just because they THE best selling brand in the business, but also because they receive the best customer ratings and reviews. This really speaks for their quality.

Value for Money

The cost of disc golf backpacks can vary quite considerably in price. They can start from as little as $30, and go up to a whopping $180 at the higher end.

Our advice as always is to check the prices as you go along. That way you can make a good, well informed decision about how much your budget should be.

Brand is one of the main factors that influence the price, but you will find that there can be quite some variation in price within just one brand.

We would argue that all the disc golf backpacks that made our shortlist are good value for money, but some are decidedly more affordable than others. The most affordable option in our shortlist is our number 5 pick, the Innova Adventure Pack.

Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best disc golf backpack?

This is quite a tricky question to answer, because there are so many great backpacks out there…

If we had to pick just one though it would be our number 3 pick, the Dynamic Discs Combat Ranger Disc Golf Backpack, because it has so much more going for it than the other backpacks. The only reason we didn’t make it our number one or number two pick was because of the higher price.

Here’s a quick recap of what it has going for it:

  • It comes from a top brand
  • Excellent customer ratings
  • Can hold up to about 30 discs
  • Keeps all your items organized
  • Use water bottle or water bladder
  • Perfect for handling a little light rain