What Does ‘Flippy’ Mean? (And How Does It Affect Your Game)

The term “flippy” comes up a lot in disc golf and even for seasoned players, it can be a word that isn’t fully understood. I’ve done some research on exactly what “flippy” means and how it affects the way you throw your discs, and I’d like to share with you what I’ve found out.

So what does flippy mean? The term “flippy” in disc golf is used to describe a disc that flips over when you throw it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it flips over completely, just that it flips over from its intended flight angle. This generally describes a disc that has been heavily used and worn in and no longer flies the way it was originally meant to, but it can also describe an under-stable disc that, when thrown in a certain way, can flip annhyzer and curve in the opposite direction that it’s supposed to.

It’s a bit tricky because there are a lot of applications for the term, and to fully understand how a disc can be flippy and how you can use a flippy disc, we should really cover a few examples.

But before we do that, however, we need to address a few other terms that will make those examples more understandable.

  1. RHBH: Right Hand, Back Hand. This means the disc is thrown backhand with the right hand.
  2. Stable: The tendency of a disc to fly straight.
  3. Understable: The tendency of a disc to curve to the right when throwing RHBH
  4. Overstable: The tendency of a disc to curve to the left when throwing RHBH
  5. Hyzer: Throwing the disc with the outward edge pointed slightly downwards.
  6. Annhyzer: Throwing the disc with the outward edge pointed slightly upwards.

What does all this mean for me?

Okay! Now that the english homework is out of the way, let’s talk about flippiness. Apart from the quick definition above, there’s really two reasons a disc can be flippy.

1. It’s old

The first is that the disc is old and really worn in. A really worn in disc can sometimes fly in a way that it wasn’t originally meant to.

For instance, sometimes when you throw a really worn in disc that is meant to fly straight then curve left at the end of it’s flight path, it will curve right instead. This is because the disc has “flipped” up to a more annhyzer position during it’s flight path, which causes the disc to turn right instead of left as it should.

Isn’t that bad? Should I throw it away?

Don’t throw away your flippy discs just yet. An older, worn in disc isn’t necessarily a bad thing for two reasons.

First, sometimes you really need a disc that turns right. If your a RHBH thrower, and you don’t have a solid forehand in your arsenal, having a flippy disc that will curve right when you throw it RHBH and a little annhyzer is a really great tool.

Secondly, the reason your disc is worn in and beat up in the first place is because you use it a lot. You probably know exactly how it flies and there’s a strong chance that it’s one of your favorite discs.

So don’t throw it out. Just keep in mind that it has some characteristics that you can take advantage of if you’re mindful about how it acts.

2. It’s understable and your throwing it wrong

Just because a disc is flippy doesn’t have to mean that it’s also old. Some discs, even brand new discs, can be flippy if you throw it a certain way.

The title of this section says ‘you’re throwing it wrong’ because understable discs usually require you to throw them with a bit of hyzer on them. If you happen to throw it level, or even annhyzer, the disc is going to flip over and fly way right (throwing RHBH) or even flip into a roller.

Now, if you thought your new disc was going to fade left, but it fades way right instead, you can check if the disc is understable. If so, all you need to do to correct this is practice throwing the disc from a hyzer position. You may see the disc straighten out and fly as it should.

Also, I’ve seen some of my understable discs flip over when I round my arm too much. This can be fixed by pulling through your swing better. Think of pulling a lawn mower cord as opposed to a ballerina arm.

So you should definitely correct your throw if you’re throwing understable discs incorrectly, but you should also keep the skill of making it flip. This can be another great arsenal in your bag and you should practice having it flip on purpose for those times you need it.


I also wanted to add here that flippy discs make for great rollers. A roller is a disc that is thrown on an annhyzer line and flips all the way over to actually hit the ground and roll to the basket.

Understable discs that are really flippy make great rollers because the flippiness makes it easier to flip the disc over and get it to start rolling.

How do I know if my disc is Flippy?

It’s a good idea to identify the flippy discs in your bag. The best way to do this is to just throw them and see how they fly.

The key to identifying a flippy disc for me is the tell tale right turn when I’m expecting a left turn when throwing RHBH. I typically expect my disc to fade left at the end of it’s flight path, so if it fades right instead, I know the reason may be that it’s a flippy disc and I need to throw it differently to get it to fly correctly.

But like I said above, you should keep those discs in your bag and master the flippiness if you can. It may come in handy.

Looking for a flippy disc?

It’s always a great idea to have a flippy disc in your bag. It’s a tool to use in specific situations, just like using a putter for putts and drivers when throwing from the tee. There’s a time and place to use a flippy disc. If you’re in the market for a flippy disc I have some great recommendations:

  • Distance driver: Innova Destroyer – Destroyers, at least for me, tend to be understable and a bit flippy, but I’ve had a lot of success throwing my Destroyer with a hyzer throw for great distance. I definitely recommend it. Here’s a link to Amazon for the best price.
  • Midrange Driver: DGA Tremor – The Tremor is a great disc for all levels of skill. If you’re looking for a disc that flies straight to slightly right, this is a great choice. Here’s the link to Amazon for the best price.