Best Portable Disc Golf Basket

Nothing beats a game of disc golf on a hot summer’s day, but sometimes life gets in the way and there isn’t enough time in the day to get yourself to a course.

A portable disc golf basket is a game-changer, as it brings the disc golf course to your backyard or anywhere you want to play it.

Practice your putting anywhere at any time with a portable disc golf basket! 

Keep reading to find out more. 

Best Portable Disc Golf Basket

MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

The MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket is designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course! 

This disc golf basket features 24 high visibility zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains, 12 outer and 12 inner chains equidistantly oriented to reduce cut throughs and pole bounces.

PDGA Approved! The specs on this model are completely in line with regulation disc golf baskets. 


  • Durable construction – The whole construction of this basket is metal that has been welded together, meaning that you can rest assured that it can withstand the test of time!
  • Easy to use – This disc golf basket assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute for your convenience!
  • Versatile – This disc golf basket is great for all levels of experience, whether you’re just beginning to play or are advanced!


  • One customer noted that they didn’t like the design of this particular portable disc golf basket.

Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

The Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket is made out of high-quality material that makes light work of catching your discs!

This disc golf basket features 24 sturdy chains, with the rest of the construction powder coated in a vibrant color that is highly visible for putting.

Versatile! Take this disc golf basket on the road to put anywhere you fancy!


  • Highly visible colors to choose from – From orange, white, yellow, red, light blue, and lime green, you’re sure to find a highly visible color that you love!
  • Hassle-free – This disc golf basket is easy to assemble and set up in less than 5 minutes!
  • Sturdy construction – This basket catches your discs with ease, so you can concentrate on putting without worry about the disc bouncing out!


  • One customer claimed that the packaging for this particular portable disc golf basket was too flimsy to protect the basket itself and suggested that it could be improved.

Axiom Discs Lite Disc Golf Basket

The Axiom Discs Lite Disc Golf Basket is PDGA approved and never compromises on quality!

The Axiom Lite is 25% lighter than the Axiom Pro for even easier portability, without sacrificing durability or catching power.

The uniquely engineered sturdy all-metal construction is designed to assemble in under 1 minute!


  • Highly visible – The disc golf basket is easy to spot from distances, making it easier to play.
  • Lightweight – This disc golf basket is super lightweight, making it portable to take anywhere with ease!
  • Sturdy, good quality construction – The metal construction ensures your basket doesn’t tip over and will withstand consistent use!


  • One customer noted that this portable disc golf basket doesn’t come with a travel bag included.

Dynamic Discs Scout Portable Disc Golf Basket | 8 Outer Chains, 8 Inner Chains, 2 Cross-Sectional Chains Disc Golf Target | Foldable Frisbee Golf Target for Easy Mobility

The dynamic discs scout portable disc golf basket is perfect for getting in a putting practice session anywhere you go!

The tripod base and basket lock into place from a collapsed position for quick assembly, and disassembly is just as simple.

This disc basket is also perfect for indoor putting practice with a quick setup and cleanup process.


  • High-quality materials – The sturdy construction and a sturdy base make it great for outdoor putting practice in most weather conditions.
  • Travel bag – This foldable disc golf basket comes with a convenient travel bag so it can be easily stored and carried wherever you want to play!
  • Hassle-free – This disc golf basket is easy to set up, maintain, and clean, so you can conveniently keep it in the best condition possible.


  • One customer noted that the links of the chains aren’t closed together completely, meaning that there are tiny sharp edges of links on this particular portable disc golf basket.

Remix Double Chain Practice Basket for Disc Golf

The Remix Disc Golf Double Chain Practice Basket is made out of heavy-duty metal that is designed to withstand the test of time.

This disc golf basket is created with 24 zinc-coated chains in 2 layers with 12 chains a piece to aid your putting experience.

The Remix Disc Golf Basket offers a high-level practice experience wherever you need it. 


  • Versatile – From new players to skilled experts, this disc golf basket is perfect for tournament training or for family fun in the backyard.
  • Easy to assemble – There’s no need to get your toolbox out, this disc golf basket can be assembled without tools.
  • Highly portable – Whether you want to play in your yard or somewhere on the road, this disc golf basket can be set up anywhere!


  • A few customers claimed that the parcel that this particular portable disc golf basket arrived damaged.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a portable disc golf basket, but it primarily comes down to assembly and portability, visibility, and durability, 

You’re likely investing in a portable disc golf basket to get your practice in away from the court. That being said, you will want to ensure that you buy a basket that can easily replicate the putting experience you’d have on the court. As a result, then, for the closest experience, you will want to research and try to find a PDGA approved portable disc golf basket.

Read the factors below before going ahead with your purchase.

Assembly and portability 

An important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a portable disc golf basket is how easy it is to assemble and how portable it is.

When it comes to buying your portable disc golf basket, assembly is crucial to how convenient the product will be to use. If you’ve only got a short space of time to get your practice in before you have to rush off to the next thing on your schedule, then spending ages setting up your disc golf basket is going to eat into your practice time significantly. That being said, you should pick a portable disc golf basket that markets itself as being hassle-free and easy to set up, especially if you’re just beginning your disc golf journey. 

The clue is in the name of ‘portable disc golf basket’: it needs to be easy to carry around! That being said, you will want to ensure that you choose a lightweight basket that is not only easy to travel with as it folds down into a compact size, but can be carried without you being inconveniently weighed down.

A portable disc golf basket will be easy to move and also easy to handle, whereas heavy weighted and non-portable golf baskets are not easy to move and will significantly hinder you if you intend to travel with them. When making your choice, look for a lightweight portable disc golf basket and do your own research to see how convenient other customers find it to travel with.

If your portable disc golf basket is difficult to assemble and is heavy to carry around with you, you’ll find yourself reaching for it less as it will generally be more of a hassle to put up and take down. This could also limit where you intend to practice, which is no good if you travel and like to practice on the go a lot.

When you’re on a tight schedule, you need your kit to be as low-stress as possible. That being said, always make sure that the portable disc golf basket that you purchase is portable and easy to assemble.


Something important to take into account when purchasing a portable disc golf basket is visibility. You might not consider this to be an essential factor before buying, however, you can face difficulty in spotting the target if your basket isn’t a visible color.

For instance, when you’re out playing disc golf in green fields or forests, you can face issues with spotting targets if the color fades into the background. This is especially true if you struggle with your sight in general, also. 

Even the most sharp-sighted individual might struggle to spot the basket when you’re out in nature. You don’t want to be struggling to spot the target, you want to be concentrating on your skill so that you’re getting the most out of your practice. That being said, to combat this issue you will want to ensure that you choose a highly visible, unique coated color of basket that can be spotted with ease! 

When it comes to choosing your portable disc golf basket’s color, have a think about where you’re most likely to be playing disc golf and go from there. Always try to find a color that stands out in the environment that you’re going to be putting in, or simply look for a brighter color that is easily spotted from far away.


Something you’ll need to consider when purchasing a portable disc golf basket is durability. Although you might think this comes down to trying the product yourself, there are ways of figuring out whether a product is durable and worth purchasing without you taking the plunge first.

A good indication of whether a disc golf basket is durable is to check the product reviews section. In this section, customers can leave feedback on the product, be it good or bad, and will give you a better understanding of the product itself as well as the customer service that they’ve experienced from that particular brand.

If the customer has had a notably bad experience, they will often warn you about this in the product reviews section. Although mistakes and problems occur that are out of a company’s control, how they rectify the customer’s issue reveals a lot about the company.

Always do your own research and make sure that you’re happy with the customer reviews before going ahead with your purchase.

PDGA approved 

Something important you should look for when purchasing a portable disc golf basket is whether it is PDGA approved. 

If a portable disc golf basket says that it is PDGA approved, then this means that the model of disc you have has been approved for use in competitions sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

So, why is this important? To put it simply, a PDGA approved disc golf basket is what you’d find on a professional course and essentially ensures that by investing in one you will be practicing in a similar environment. Anyone who wants a good product, or is serious about disc golf will seek out products that are PDGA approved.

For the most authentic putting experience, it is generally recommended for disc golf baskets to find a basket with approval of PDGA dimensions and measurements. The reason is that you can install such baskets in professional disc golf courses. That being said, then, in order to know that you’re improving your putting skills, it is well worth it to practice on the PDGA approved basket.


An important factor that you’ll need to bear in mind is the material quality of your disc golf basket. Good quality material ensures more extended durability of the disc golf basket, but generally looks to be of a higher standard, too! 

For the best quality, you will want to look for a portable disc golf basket with metal construction. For instance, a lot of portable disc basket brands use zinc-coated chains for their baskets to ensure that they are high performing and can withstand the test of time as zinc is more corrosion resistant than bare iron or steel.

Generally speaking, if you want durability, I recommend you look for a basket with all-metal construction. The quality of the metal is much more likely to be able to withstand consistent putting sessions, and disc golf baskets with all-metal structures are much more durable than others, including their plastic counterpart.

Furthermore, the material should be able to withstand the outside elements come rain or shine, and will guarantee that your basket lasts as long as possible. Although metal is prone to rust over time, if you pick a good quality disc golf basket then this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the advantages of a lightweight portable disc golf basket?

There are multiple benefits of choosing a lightweight portable disc golf basket. Namely, they are incredibly convenient in that they come in a compact size, and are much easier to travel with.

As a result, then, you are able to practice your game in a variety of different places that go beyond your backyard, including a nearby park, a forest, or any other wide and open space that is away from your house and in nature. This provides so much versatility to where you play disc golf, as the options of where you can practice are endless!

Furthermore, the compact size and lightweight golf baskets are so much easier to transport in your vehicle, and you can take them with you wherever you want to go, including longer trips where you won’t have the opportunity to practice at home for a while.

What color of portable disc golf basket should you choose?

Generally speaking, the best color of disc golf basket you should choose is anything highly visible. You might think that black is the most simple color to opt for, but if you have bad eyesight and struggle with your visibility already, you may want to reevaluate your decision. 

While you don’t want to have to strain your eyes, more importantly, if you’re not focused on the actual game itself then you won’t be benefiting from the practice at all. It is highly likely that you’re buying a portable disc golf basket to improve your game and get the practice hours in, whether that be for a competition or just to improve for yourself.

That being said, you don’t want to be in a position whereby you’re straining to see the basket, as this will significantly hinder your practice and will defeat the purpose of buying the product in the first place.

Choosing a bright color, such as yellow or orange that you’ll be able to spot from miles off is the best chance of you improving your putting and getting the most out of your purchase.

As a result, then, you’ll want to make the most of the time you have to practice by choosing a color that you’ll always be able to see from long distances. This way, you can focus on improving your game and won’t be squinting the whole time trying to locate the target!