Best Disc Golf Basket

Practice makes perfect, right? We’ve all heard this! Constantly practicing your form and techniques is vital in any sport, especially disc golf. However, without the right equipment, it is very difficult to improve your game.

While you could use homemade baskets to just practice your disc golf with, it just won’t be the same. Properly made baskets allow you to play with confidence and you can even use them for tournaments or casual games with friends. What could be better than a day of disc golf with all the right equipment and your friends? We would play every day if we could!

Unfortunately, life can get in the way of heading to a disc golf course every day. Luckily, there are disc golf baskets available for you to use at home and even portable models so you can play anywhere and everywhere when the mood takes you.

And, today, we are going to guide you through the top 5 disc golf baskets for you to have fun with at home, on the beach, or in the park. We have scoured the market and compared hundreds of baskets. With pros and cons on each product, we want you to make a balanced decision on what basket will suit you best.

So, let’s not wait any longer. Here are our top 5 disc golf baskets on the market today.

Best Disc Golf Basket

MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target

The best practice golf disc baskets should offer the most realistic experience off the field. It should help improve your putting skills as well as other shots. This is exactly what the MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target offers. Designed with high-quality material, this is a one-of-a-kind model.

One stand-out feature of this basket is its flexibility. It suits any type of player whether they are experienced and looking to add to their skills or a complete novice wanting to learn the ropes of disc golf. The target is not too hard to hit and the rim is not as thick compared to other baskets on the market. This makes it easier to get the disc into the basket effectively.

We love how easy this basket is to assemble. You will probably take longer removing it from its packaging than actually installing the basket. In just one minute or so, it is designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease. With 24 heavy-duty chains and all-metal construction, this is a thought stable and durable basket.


  • PDGA approved – Safe and reliable to use to help improve your game while having a lot of fun
  • Very stable – With an all-metal built and 24 heavy-duty chains, this basket is built to last and remain stable
  • Portable – Can be easily assembled and disassembled within a few minutes so you can use it with friends in different locations


  • Not water resistant – Can rust quite easily if it is left out in the rain for too long 

Remix Double Chain Practice Basket for Disc Golf 

If you’re looking for a basket to practice on daily to improve your performance and results on the golf disc course, then the Remix Double Chain Practice Basket could be ideal for you. This gives you all you need in terms of preparation and training.

With lightweight chains, this disc golf basket is quite lightweight making it easily portable. Its classic chain assembly means that the disc is more likely to get caught after your shots. This can help you build confidence when you come to taking and making shots toward the basket in high-pressured games.

Made with sturdy metal, this basket is extremely robust and durable for many years of fun use. It is also very easy to assemble in the field. No tools are required. Just 5 assembled parts mean installation is a breeze, even for a novice. Within a matter of minutes, the basket can be set up wherever you decide to play. 

We were surprised by how lightweight this basket is compared to other standard models on the market. This lighter weight actually makes it harder to get the disc toward the basket but this helps players sharpen and improve their skills.

It allows the disc to slide through which is not possible with standard baskets, making it a great choice for those who need practice before tournaments.


  • Designed for top-level practice – This is aimed at players who want to develop their skills, techniques, and build confidence before matches and tournaments
  • No tools needed for assembly – Can be set up in only a few minutes with only 5 assembled parts required 
  • Ideal for experienced and new players – Its design will help newbies find their feet but also allow experienced players to practice and improve their skills


  • Incomplete washer set – Some customers have needed to purchase additional washers when assembling the basket 

Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Sporting the best visibility for players, the Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf basket is a disc golfer’s best friend. Coming in 6 vibrant colors, players can see the basket from a greater distance compared to others, regardless of the weather. With a combination of quality and a unique design, this basket is perfect for professional and experienced players.

PDGA approved, this Axiom Discs basket is designed following PDGA size and height guidelines. This means you can practice with the same size baskets as you would when playing professional matches. Its design is impeccable.

It sports two chain tiers that include 24 strands of heavy-duty chains. These chains are designed to provide the best possible catching ability so players can score more easily. And the threaded tension connection of these chains provides stability and sturdiness as well as easy assembly.

When it comes to assembling this basket, it was surprisingly easy. It takes less than 5 minutes for a complete setup and a game to begin. The same goes for disassembling the basket. Super sturdy and highly durable, this vibrant basket from Axiom Discs is the perfect portable addition to your disc golf game.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble – Take less than five minutes to set up or take down 
  • Vibrant colors – Has great visibility so players can see it from further away and attempt shots they rarely would otherwise
  • PDGA approved – Made with official PDGA height and size regulations for a professional practice 


  • Poor packaging – The box it comes in is made of soft and weak cardboard which heightens the risk of the basket getting damaged

YAHEETECH Disc Golf Basket

Next up is an uber-durable disc golf basket that offers many choices to the owner and players. Whether you use it in your backyard, in the park, or in another open area for practice, this YAHEETECH basket will certainly fit your needs to help you improve your game.

This product is extremely durable thanks to a powder-coated metal frame and chain that has a galvanized finish to resist wear and weather. This basket contains 12 strands of solid chain helping it catch discs very easily. It boasts a durable base frame as well as welded joints to provide sheer stability for its overall foundation.

YAHEETECH has made a very portable basket here. You can move it easily from one place to another so, even on vacation, you can still enjoy a game of disc golf with your family and friends.

The basket is compact, light, and is collapsible for easy storage as well as transport. Assembly is wonderfully simple and quite quick. It only has 6 assembly parts that can be set up within a few minutes.

Instructions are detailed and clear so it is easy for anyone to install. And to top it all off, it also comes with a flag so the basket can be easily spotted in the field.


  • Easy to assemble – With only 6 assembly parts, you can set this basket u and start playing within a few minutes
  • Compact design – Small and lightweight, this is easy to transport as well as store when not in use
  • Very sturdy – Its powder-coated metal frame and galvanized finish on the chains result in a durable, long-lasting, weather and wear-resistant basket


  • Unstable round base – Not the most stable base when placed on uneven surfaces as it wobbles quite often

Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket Double Chains

The Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket is another superb model that can be set up anywhere to have a game of disc golf. It is perfect for honing your skills, form, and different techniques to help improve your level of play.

As well as being convenient to install and use, it has an array of features and benefits that could definitely help you become the best docs golf player you could possibly be. 

The overall structure of this Hive Disc Golf Practice Basket is very impressive. It sports a double chains design with 24 chains to improve catching ability. This can help you not only improve your skills but also develop more confidence for those big shot moments. Its metal construction is durable and sturdy so you can rely on it for a long time to come.

Assembling this basket is also relatively straightforward. Its design allows users to set it up or disassemble whenever and wherever they want. With an easy-to-follow instruction guide, you should have a 52-inch high disc golf basket ready to play with in no time.

Easy to transport from one location to another, you can take advantage of the Hive practice basket at beaches or parks. And we can not forget the flag that is included to help players see the basket from further afield.


  • Sturdy metal construction – Robust design that is built to last and withstand different weather conditions
  • Simple assembly – With an easy-to-follow instruction guide, you can set this basket up within a few minutes
  • Straightforward transport and storage – Can be disassembled quickly so you can store it when not in use


  • Weak packaging – Subpar packaging looks very unprofessional on arrival and does not offer much protection for the product itself

Buyer’s Guide

When you plan to buy a disc golf basket, there are a range of features and factors to consider beforehand. Together, these contribute to the overall quality of the basket and how well it will suit your needs.

Below are some of the most important criteria to look out for when buying a new disc golf basket. 

The Chain 

There is no doubt that the chain is one of the most important parts of a disc golf basket. It stops and controls the momentum of the disc before it drops into the basket.

Nonetheless, different baskets come with varying configurations such as single or double chains or the number of layers of chains installed. Some also come with inner or outer chains while others can sometimes be made with a middle chain setup. 

In general, the more chains that are hanging in a basket, the more opportunity there is for the disc to get caught. As a player, you should opt for a basket that comes with a combination of inner and outer chain configurations. 

Lightweight chains are not always the most popular. The same goes for models that have one row of outer chains. This is because these baskets do not catch the disc as well.

We suggest choosing a basket that has a double layer of chains, has a rounded shape, and is quite large. Some baskets have irregular shapes but these often see the disc fly through them and are unable to catch them.

Quality and Longevity 

There are many disc golf baskets on the market and some are low-quality while others offer the highest quality. When looking for a new disc golf basket, always opt for one that will last longer and can be left outside on the field of play permanently.

Its quality should go hand in hand with its design goals and the type of disc golf course that will be used most frequently. A high-quality basket that is set up on the right course will help increase the accuracy of the basket resulting in better opportunities when scoring with different shot types.

The leg base and weight can also be a determining factor of a basket’s quality. They should weigh no more than 18 to 25 pounds for easy transportation. Higher quality also means better longevity. The best disc golf baskets can withstand the constant beating from disc golfers as well as the harsh environmental conditions. 


You need to consider where the basket will be installed. Will it be used indoors, outdoors, or do you want one that is easily portable? When knowing the purpose of the basket, you can then learn how disc golf baskets differ from each other. 

Indoor disc golf baskets can be used inside your home. These are great for practicing shots when the weather isn’t so kind outside. These are usually less expensive but you must focus on the chain’s strength and design to maximize your level of play. 

Outdoor baskets can be installed permanently on the field of play. Therefore, if you have a personal course or plan to leave your basket out all year round, this is the best type to go for. These are often powder coated with galvanized steel to withstand the different conditions that are met outdoors. 

Travel baskets are a great option if you move around a lot and like to play disc golf in different locations. These baskets can be assembled and installed anywhere you want and then disassembled just as easily. Some may require a vehicle for transportation but there are smaller baskets available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do practice disc golf baskets feel realistic? 

This depends on the dimensions of your disc golf basket. For the most authentic baskets, you should check out the PDGA standards here and see if your basket meets these size guidelines.

Regulation goals have 24 chains with 12 outside, 6 in the middle, and 6 inside. These keep the discs from shooting through.

Along with the number of chains, the weight is also important. If you’re looking to emulate a traditional basket, you should be aware of these dimensions. There is no point practicing with a basket that is a different size from one that you will meet in a competitive game.

Should I buy a portable disc golf basket?

This depends on where you want to play disc golf and for what purposes. The weight of different disc golf targets can vary dramatically. Some are designed to be moved anywhere and can even fit in backpacks whereas others are very large and too heavy to carry any kind of distance. 

If a basket is entirely made from metal, it tends to be heavier and bulkier. However, these are generally more resilient to the force of discs hitting them and offer better stability during practice and games.