Can You Play Disc Golf While Pregnant?

Recently on my local disc golf course, I ran into a woman who looked to be about seven or eight months pregnant, playing disc golf. It got me wondering if disc golf is a safe exercise for women who are expecting, so I decided to do a little research.

So can you play disc golf while pregnant? Yes, disc golf is a great way for pregnant woman to stay active and is a safe and healthy exercise for both the mother and the baby. 

There are exceptions, as with everything, so a good rule of thumb is to check with your doctor during your first prenatal care checkup to make sure you’re cleared for this sort of exercise. 

But what about twisting when I throw?

Though it is true that you should avoid jarring motions, twisting in general is just fine. Actually, the twisting motion done while throwing a disc in disc golf is a great way to keep your abs active and strong. 

This type of ab activity is great because it allows you to work your ab muscles without doing crunches, which could be harmful and shouldn’t be done after the first trimester.

If you find that the twisting motion when throwing a disc backhand is bothering you, considering switching to a forehand throw. If you’re not familiar with how to throw forehand and need a breakdown of the shot, here is a great instructional video.

Why disc golf is the perfect light exercise

Prenatal exercise is generally recommended for most pregnant woman. It can make pregnancy more comfortable and a healthy body can ward off complications during child birth as well as decrease labor pain.

A common questions is: what types of exercise can and should a pregnant woman do? Guidelines given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) say that pregnant women should get at least 150 minutes of light to moderately intense exercise per week.

Unless you are used to a very intense workout regimen, disc golf fits in perfectly with the the type of exercise a woman should be doing during their 

You do a lot of walking while playing disc golf which is a great way to keep the mother’s muscles active and tone during pregnancy. Walking also lowers blood pressure and blood sugar which can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

Walking though, can sometimes be boring. Disc golf is a great way to play a game while getting about two to three miles of walking done, depending on the course.

Disc golf is also a great light exercise for the whole body. The motions involved in throwing a disc works the legs, core, back, shoulders and arms. This is an excellent exercise to keep your whole body healthy during your pregnancy.

Get Prepared

It’s important to warm up and cool down before and after playing disc golf, especially during pregnancy. The last thing you want is a pulled muscle. 

Warm up should be 5-10 minutes and include a slow walk and stretching to warm up the body and muscles and get you ready for the game.

The cool down is especially important since joints are loose and more prone to injury or soreness. Finish your game with another 5-10 minutes of a slow walk and stretching to loosen up your muscles again.

Changing Body, Changing Form

In the second and third trimesters, as your body begins to really change, you may need to change your form. Not only for your game, but it’s important that you don’t take a fall during your pregnancy.

Balance your weight

Your balance might change as your body changes. Be sure to stay on the balls of your feet to keep yourself grounded during your throws.

The Twist

You may want to stick to 80% or so of your normal twist. While a normal twisting motion is healthy and keeps your abs strong, a deep twist could tear weak or extended abdominal muscles and should be avoided.

Stick to the path

Stick to well worn paths as much as possible. When on the course, it common to come across holes in the ground left by squirrels or sticks in the grass. These are hazards you’ll want to avoid so you don’t take a fall or twist an ankle.

Disc Golf Baby!

Once the baby is born, you may find yourself wanting to keep playing disc golf. Which is great because disc golf is also a great activity for staying fit after child birth and getting  your pre-baby body back. 

If you don’t want to leave the little one at home or can’t find a sitter, take that baby with you! Some strollers are better for the types of terrain that’s more common on a disc golf course, and so I’ve found a great stroller with some off-road capabilities which will allow you to take your baby with you as you continue to get out doors and exercise. Here’s the link for the best price on amazon.

Cute announcement ideas

If you’re an avid disc golf player and disc golf is a big part of your life, you may want to include it in your announcement. Here are some cute disc golf related baby announcement ideas: 

A sport for the whole family

Disc golf really is a sport for everyone. It’s a great place to meet and interact with friends. It’s great exercise and it’s great for family.

Playing disc golf pre pregnancy is a great way to get out doors and meet people. It’s great for exercise and its a fun way to stay close to friends. 

After your baby is born, it becomes a great way to stay close to your family. Your husband will love to spend time with you outdoors doing something you both love. It keeps you close and with a little gear, you can bring your newborn along with you.

Once your child or children are grown, disc golf becomes a great way to bond with your kids. It keeps them close and get’s them out of the house and off their computers or phones.

We all know how important it is to have a strong relationship with our kids and sometimes its difficult to develop those relationships. Disc golf provides a physical outlet for kids to do something they enjoy while also spending time with their parents.